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Union Square (2011) Full HD DVD rip movie Free Download

Union Square (2011) Free Download And Enjoy

Union Square, Nancy Savoca's first film in nearly a decade, stars Mira Sorvino as Lucy, a hard-drinking party girl from the Bronx who takes a trip into Manhattan to meet with her married lover, and ends up visiting her sister Jenny (Tammy Blanchard), who has cleaned up her life and is engaged to a man running a health-food business. Jenny has hid the truth about her past from her fiancé; he thinks she's from Maine, and Jenny wants nothing more than to get her out-of-control sister away from their apartment. Lucy, however, doesn't know how to take a hint, ends up spending the night, and soon the two are fighting about old resentments and Jenny finds she can't keep the facade going with her fiancé. Union Square played at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi

Union Square (2011)
 80 min  -  Drama  -   13 July 2012 (USA)

Union Square:Summary
A woman gets engaged and leaves her chaotic Bronx family behind her for good, determined to make a nice vegetarian life with her nice man from Indiana. But then her neurotic, manic, boy-crazy, substance-abusing sister drops into Jenny's Manhattan apartment without warning, and hell follows with her.
Jenny, who has rejected her tumultuous family for a more ordered life, gets a surprise visit from her sister Lucy at a critical time - right at the moment where she's feels ready to commit to her longtime fiancé.

Director: Nancy Savoca
Writers: Nancy Savoca (screenplay), Mary Tobler (screenplay)
Stars: Tammy Blanchard, Mira Sorvino and Michael Rispoli

Union Square:Plot
A reluctant reunion of two estranged sisters. One is on the verge of marriage; the other is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Both struggle with truths they're hiding from each other - and from themselves. Jenny has rejected her tumultuous family and cut off communication, seeking a more ordered life far from her roots in the Bronx. And she's almost ready to commit to her longtime fiancé when her sister Lucy - the personification of all that Jenny has been trying to flee - surprises her at a critical time. Lucy and Jenny's combustible reunion brings both of them to unforeseen places, shattering and reconstructing the worlds they have both carefully constructed.

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