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The Sweeney(2012) Full HD DVD rip movie Free Download

The Sweeney(2012) Free Download And Enjoy

The Sweeney is a 1970s British television police drama focusing on two members of the Flying Squad, a branch of the Metropolitan Police specialising in tackling armed. Set in present day England, The Sweeney will be packed full of fast cars, action and wise cracks as it follows. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Trailers & Clips. IMDb - The Sweeney (TV Series 1975–1978) Created by Ian Kennedy Martin.

The Sweeney(2012)
Action | Crime | Drama  -   12 September 2012 (Ireland)

The Sweeney:Summary
Sometimes you have to act like a criminal to catch a criminal. Ray Winstone (The Departed) and Ben Drew (Plan B) star as part of an elite police unit in explosive action film, THE SWEENEY. Also starring Damian Lewis (Homeland) and Hayley Atwell (Captain America: The First Avenger)...

Director: Nick Love
Writers: John Hodge (co-writer), Nick Love (screenplay)
Stars: Hayley Atwell, Damian Lewis and Ray Winstone

The Sweeney:Plot
In the real world, Winstone wouldn't last longer than about two days. He's as corrupt as they come, switching off CCTV in questioning rooms and subjecting suspects to percussive questioning. Equipped with an intricate knowledge of cafés and pubs so he can find local crims in a flash of his screeching brakes before parking at a 90 degree angle and running dahn the street shouting "Put 'em away, luv!", he's a man's man - from a time when human rights existed only in the heads of Chapman Pincher's arch commie infiltrators. He's like Judge Dredd without the satire.

 The Sweeney

Devoid of redeeming features, a poster ripped straight from Miami Vice and teaming up with a low level rapper to make it more street, The Sweeney tarnishes every good memory you ever had of the TV show and buries it under a thirty foot pile of sludge. A complete failure on practically every level, it makes even "Pimp" - a film where Danny Dyer is sodomized whilst wearing a gimp mask - look decent. What this film needs is doing properly. Team Winstone with Jason Statham (possibly in a shagpile wig), lashings of ultra-violence, and a rewrite. In an ideal world, it'd be unmade.
 The Sweeney

Still, at least it hasn't got Danny fucking Dyer in it. When the the nicest thing you can say about a movie though, it's not good. Seriously, so much potential, so much thrown away. God knows what the usually dependable Damian Lewis is doing in this tosh - and as for Ray Winstone, three time BAFTA nominee, from his superb turn in the poignant last orders and possibly the finest death scene ever in The Departed Its a dream role one wrong and wasted. if they had made it in the seventies style of Long Good Friday or even 2004's utterly impeccable Starsky And Hutch It would have been ten times the movie this isn't. As it stands, it's a film that drags the name The Sweeney in the mud like the mud flaps of a dogging convention.

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