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360 (2011) Full HD DVD rip movie Free Download

360 (2011) Free Download And Enjoy

360 is a 2011 drama film starring Anthony Hopkins, Ben Foster, Rachel Weisz, and Jude Law. The film, directed by Fernando Meirelles, opened the 2011 London Film Festival. It is yet to be released outside of film festival screenings.

360 (2011)
R 110 min  -  Drama | Romance  -   25 July 2012 (France)
A film about interconnected romantic life in the 21st century. Starting in Vienna and weaving stories set in Paris, London, Bratislava, Rio, Denver and Phoenix into a single narrative. A businessman faced with temptation to be unfaithful to his wife sets into motion a series of events which ripple around the globe with dramatic consequences, set against the backdrop of international banking crisis, the domino-effect of the Arab Spring, the threat of global flu pandemics and Euro-Zone instability.

Director:Fernando Meirelles
Writer:Peter Morgan (screenplay)
Stars:Rachel Weisz, Jude Law and Anthony Hopkins

"360" is a moving and exciting dramatic thriller that dazzlingly weaves together the stories of an array of people from disparate social backgrounds through their intersecting relationships. Jude Law plays a traveling businessman who is contemplating a liaison with a prostitute; Rachel Weisz, a married woman who is breaking off a relationship with a younger man; Anthony Hopkins, a man searching for his missing daughter; Ben Foster, a sex offender recently released from prison.
In a new star-studded film called ‘360‘, we follow the lives and sexual encounters of several different couples from different social backgrounds. Their separate stories do cleverly weave together and the plot proves that everything in life comes full circle.

In the film, each character has a unique story, very different from the others. Jude Law plays a traveling businessman who considers have sex with a prostitute. Rachel Weisz is a married woman that decides to break of her relationship with a younger guy. Anthony Hopkins plays a father searching for his missing daughter who may have become a victim of human trafficking. Lastly, Ben Foster plays a sex offender who gets released from prison but who is unsure if he can trust himself from making the same mistakes again.

The movie hits theatres in limited release this summer, and hits iTunes at the end of this month. Check out the trailer below!

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