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In the indie film For Ellen, Paul Dano shows that he has acting talent to spare for a character of a young father we haven’t met yet. This trailer starts out with Joby Taylor (Dano) losing control of his car and sliding into a snow drift; then we seem to flash back to where his attorney is telling him that he gets the rights to the house for signing over the rights to his estranged six year-old daughter, and though it doesn’t sit well with him, he takes a trip to see his daughter Ellen (Shaylenda Mandigo).
When asked why he hasn’t come to see her before, he blames it on the band trying to ‘make it.’ Ellen asks him if he’s ‘made it’ yet. It’s hard to tell from the trailer whether or not this is going to have a happy ending,

For Ellen (2012)
 Drama  -   19 September 2012 (France)

For Ellen: The Movie:Summary
Aspiring rock star Joby Taylor (Paul Dano) has wanted nothing more than to "make it", having flirted with fame but never crossed over into true success. In the midst of a low period in his life, he agrees to sign divorce papers with his estranged wife (Margarita Levieva) in order to see money from the sale of their home, only to discover that by signing the papers, he will forfeit all custody of his six-year-old daughter, Ellen (Shaylena Mandigo). With a good-natured lawyer (Jon Heder) unable to make headway in reversing the decision, and a girlfriend (Jena Malone) that represents an era of his life that he might be ready to graduate from, Joby negotiates a visit with his daughter to explore whether he is able to walk away from his child, and whether it might be too late for reconciliation.

Director: So Yong Kim
Writer: So Yong Kim (screenplay)
Stars: Paul Dano, Jon Heder and Shaylena Mandigo

For Ellen: The Movie:Plot
The mood of For Ellen is bittersweet, captivating, and touching. The plot centers around custody issues, family problems, and hopes. It is a drama and independent movie. In approach, For Ellen is serious and realistic. It takes place, at least partly, in a small town. The setting is the USA. For Ellen happens in contemporary times.
After an overnight long-distance drive, Joby (Paul Dano) has a special meeting—with lawyers and his ex-wife. A struggling musician with the prerequisite tattoos, slimy hair, goatee, and his head firmly floating in the clouds, Joby hasn’t been around to be a dad. Now is his last chance to fight for shared custody of his daughter, Ellen.

Writer/director So Yong Kim takes this traditional situation and fills it with humanism. Joby becomes a fascinating character study—a wannabe rock star now turned into a human being—forced to care about something other than his dreams. Kim’s subtle filmmaking style captures real life and conveys emotion in both funny and touching ways. Dano takes a character we are used to laughing at and makes him genuine, completely immersing us in Joby’s journey to respectability, even though he may not make it there.

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