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Belle du Seigneur (2012)Full HD DVD rip movie Free Download

Belle du Seigneur (2012)Free Download And Enjoy

Belle du Seigneur is a 1968 novel by the Swiss writer Albert Cohen. Set in Geneva in the 1930s, the narrative revolves around a Mediterranean Jew employed by the League of Nations, and his romance with a married Swiss aristocrat. The novel is the standalone third part in a series of four; it follows Solal of the Solals and Nailcruncher, and precedes Les Valeureux. It received the Grand Prix du roman de l'Académie française.[1] An English-language film adaptation starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Natalia Vodianova is set to be released in 2012

Belle du Seigneur (2012)
Drama | Romance

Belle du Seigneur: The Movie:Summary
Tale that charts the tortured love affair between Solal, a high-ranking Jewish League of Nations official and the protestant wife of one of his underlings....

Director: Glenio Bonder
Writers: Vincenzo Cerami (co-screenplay), James Dearden (co-screenplay)
Stars: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Natalia Vodianova and Marianne Faithfull

Belle du Seigneur: The Movie:Plot
Clearly spending time nearly getting blown up in From Paris with Love hasn’t turned Jonathan Rhys-Meyers off to all things French, though for his next European adventure, he’s sticking with something a little more romantic, if still dangerous. The actor has signed on to the lead role in the adaptation of Albert Cohen’s novel Belle Du Seigneur.
Glenio Bonder is behind the camera for the first time, directing the tale of a Jewish diplomat (Rhys-Meyers) who falls for, and starts an affair with, a married Swiss woman as World War Two kicks off. And his love interest? Model Natalia Vodianova, last seen in monstrous form providing the performance for Medusa in Clash of the Titans.

Marianne Faithfull has also signed on to the movie, which has been co-written by James Dearden (no stranger to forbidden lust after his work on Fatal Attraction) and Life is Beautiful’s Vincenzo Cerami. French novelist Cohen’s work has been the subject of several adaptation attempts before, with Olivier Martinez and Ludivine Sagnier rumoured for the leads, but the film never quite worked out.

Bonder, best know for commercials work, will be hoping he has more luck when he kicks off shooting later next month in Geneva.

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