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Dragon (2011) Free Download And Enjoy

Wu Xia[2], Dragon or Swordsmen is a 2011 martial arts thriller film directed by Peter Chan and starring Donnie Yen, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Tang Wei.[6] Yen also served as the film's action director. It premiered on 13 May 2011 at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival in the Midnight Screenings category.[7] Donnie Yen and Peter Chan presided over the lighting of a billboard for Wu Xia that broke the Guinness Book of World Records for its size, 3591 square meters, previously held by a poster for a Michael Jackson album

Dragon (2011)
Wu xia (original title)
114 min  -  Action | Drama  -   4 July 2011 (China)

Dragon: The Movie:Summary
Liu Jin-xi (Yen) is a village craftsman whose quiet life is irrevocably shattered by the arrival of two notorious gangsters in the local general store. When Liu single-handedly saves the shopkeeper's life, he comes under investigation by detective Xu Bai-jiu (Kaneshiro). Convinced that Liu's martial arts mastery belies a hidden history of training by one of the region's vicious clans, Xu doggedly pursues the shy hero-and draws the attention of China's criminal underworld in the process.....

Director: Peter Chan
Writer: Oi Wah Lam
Stars: Donnie Yen, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Kara Hui  

Dragon: The Movie:Plot
Liu Jinxi (Donnie Yen) and his wife Yu (Tang Wei) are an ordinary couple with two sons, Fangzheng (Zheng Wei) and Xiaotian (Li Jiamin) , living together in Liu Village. One day two bandits enter the village and attempt to rob the general store. Liu Jinxi happens to be in the shop and he fights with the robbers when they turn violent towards the shopkeeper and his family. He kills them during the fight. During an autopsy, detective Xu Baijiu (Takeshi Kaneshiro) , who is sent to investigate the case, discovers that one of the dead bandits was Yan Dongsheng (Yu Kang) , who is among the government's ten most wanted fugitives. The local magistrate is pleased, and Liu Jinxi is regarded as a hero by his fellow villagers.
However Xu becomes suspicious because he does not believe that Yan Dongsheng, a fighter, could be easily killed by Liu, who appears to be a mere paper worker. Based on traces of evidence in the shop and Liu and other witnesses' recollections of the fight, in addition to his extensive knowledge on physiology, Xu is able to deduce that Liu is in fact a highly skilled martial artist, as well as the actual events during the fight after noting signs of brain hemorrhaging due to an injury on Yan Dongsheng's Vagus nerve. From subsequent observation, investigation and tests, and information gathered by his partner, Xu learns of Liu's true identity - Tang Long, the second-in-command of the 72 Demons, a group of vicious and bloodthirsty warriors of Tangut descent, who brutally murdered a butcher's family in Jingzhou ten years ago. Xu immediately returns to the county office to obtain an arrest warrant for Tang Long.

The magistrate delays issuing the warrant, citing lack of evidence while actually soliciting for a bribe from Xu. Xu eventually obtains the bribe money from his estranged wife, who blames him for causing her father's suicide. After issuing the warrant, the magistrate informs the Master (Jimmy Wang) of the 72 Demons on Tang Long's whereabouts, hoping to receive a reward. The Master is offended and reveals that Tang is actually his son, and he kills the magistrate by severing his Vagus nerve.
The Master sends his henchmen to Liu Village to capture Tang and burn down the place. While Xu and the constables are on their way there, two henchmen reach the village and kill a villager to force Tang to acknowledge his identity. Tang can no longer control himself and he fights and kills one of the two assailants and runs away, the other assailant who is the Master's wife (Kara Hui) chases Tang and fights with him in the buffalo shed and she gets crushed by the buffaloes in the stampede and falls down in the river. Tangs tries to save her by holding her hand but she falls down to her death. The remaining villagers retreat to a fortress to hide from the 72 Demons while Tang and Xu stay behind. In the meantime Xu devises a plan, utilising his knowledge of physiology, for Tang to fake his death so the 72 Demons will no longer harass him. When the Demons arrive they lament over Tang's death but Xu knows that Tang cannot remain in his "death" state for too long so when time is up he revives Tang. Tang severs his left arm in front of the Demons, announcing that he has formally broken ties with them, but they also tell him that the Master is waiting for him at his house.

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