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The Cold Light of Day (2012) HD Video movie Free Download

The Cold Light of Day (2012) Free Download And Enjoy

93 min  -  Action | Thriller  -   4 April 2012 (Spain)

The Cold Light of Day :Summary
Will Shaw goes to Spain for a weeklong sailing vacation with his family but his whole world turns upside down when the family is kidnapped by intelligence agents hell-bent on recovering a mysterious briefcase, and Will suddenly finds himself on the run.

Director: Mabrouk El Mechri
Writers: Scott Wiper, John Petro
Stars: Henry Cavill, Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver

The Cold Light of Day :Plot
Will Shaw arrives in Spain from San Francisco for a holiday he really doesn't want. He is picked up by his father, Martin, who works in various different countries for the government. In the evening, phone calls put Will in a bad mood and he decides to go fishing the next day. Will is still preoccupied with the phone calls, resulting in an accident which causes his brother's girlfriend to be hit on the side of the head by the sail. Will decides to swim into town to fetch medicine.

When he swims back, the ship has gone and he finds it abandoned. He runs to a local police station where the officer in charge finds out his name and makes a phone call, before asking Will to take him to the ship. They are met there by Zahir, who knows where Will's family is and invites him to show him the way, but Will decides to escape in the police car but doesn't get far. He crashes into a tree and is almost killed until Martin shows up and escapes with him. He reveals he is a CIA agent and that the people who have taken their family are after a briefcase he took. He calls his partner who agrees to meet him in Madrid. They go to the meeting and Will stays in the car while Martin talks to his partner, Jean, who says that she doesn't have the briefcase anymore. He doesn't believe her and thinks something isn't right. As he returns to the car, a sniper murders Martin and Will is attacked by a man. Will barely escapes but the man follows him through the streets of Madrid. After escaping, he has no money and decides to hide his dad's gun in the trash.

Going to the U.S American Embassy, Will discovers that he is wanted for killing a police officer which he denies, but they are not interested in finding his family. The Embassy then tells him someone wants to meet him. Jean and Martin's contact, Diego, waits for him and says she wants to help. He doesn't trust her and fakes illness to escape. Looking through his father's phone, he sees that Diego's name comes up several times and calls it. He also gets a call from the kidnappers who want to speak to "Tom" and say they want the briefcase in exchange for his family. The kidnappers give Will a deadline and meeting point. During this call Will speaks to his mum and tells her Martin was killed.

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